Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wow! Winter Holiday 2017

And now for something completely different!

I need this! I see the AG star at the neck and it is listed as AG--but I have no idea if it for the TM line, the WW line, or just a cute stuffed holiday themed animal. It is listed as 25 cm tall (approximately 10 in) so it is a bit small for the TM line but probably just right for WW.

AG might have missed on a few of the recent pets in terms of wonky faces (Gabriela's cat Maya and even Melody's dog Bo), but this reindeer is super cute.

And more holiday fun below!

Sequins! I love sequins.

This outfit seems like standard TM Holiday Dress fare, but I also think Nashville star Tenney would look adorable in this.

ETA: An eagle eye spied that the holiday dress is made of a mishmash of materials from past released dresses and outfits--so is this a random prototype or perhaps another PWP for the holiday season?

Are you ready for Holidays 2017!? I can't wait!

Expected release for these items would be in the September/October time frame. Both are a big yes from me--which is exciting since in 2016 I bought zero of AG's TM Holiday Dresses.


  1. Oh my goodness! That reindeer is so stinking cute! And I'm ALWAYS ready for the holidays :)

  2. Slow down, AG, it's only April! I'm not ready to think about the holidays/Christmas-time yet. ;)

    Any chance the sequin dress is for Bitty Baby? It kind of looks like a BB dress style. But I could be wrong!

    1. Ha! Well, AG needs to get these produced six months in advance in order to get them to the stores in the fall :)

      It is possible the dress is a limited PWP for next fall or even just a throw away prototype. I do think it is sized for an 18" AG doll and not Bitty Baby, but not absolutely certain.