Friday, August 7, 2015

LORI (OG) Mini Retro Car and Mini Retro Trailer

With permission I share a photo scoop from an online friend on some new items appearing in the Our Generation line at Target stores this week--a darling mini retro car and mini retro trailer!

They are breathtakingly cute! Finally some fun for the mini dolls!

From the looks of it, not only does the door open and close, but the full front side of the trailer swings open--note the silver hinge on the right and the reenforcing pieces of tape on the left. 

The sticker indicates some lights inside actually work! Look at all the little cooking utensils! The bedding looks a bit flimsy, but it is a perfect project for crafty hands.

Table and bench seating. Looks like cabinetry will open (note tape) and the handles of the pots and pans in this peek.

The large windows do not appear to open, but they do allow for a great view of the sink and faucet inside.

The mini car looks fantastic--really reminds me of AG Julie's baby blue bug. However this mini car, according to the heart sticker on the windshield, features a "Real working AM/FM radio." A nice touch for this tiny zoomer!

The mini car and camper are being marketed under the LORI brand--Lori being the "branding" also on the silver blonde Naomi Mini Doll pictured above. The mini car retails for $24.99 and the mini retro trailer/camper retails for $34.99.

OG may have a blockbuster here--now to see if my local store has any in stock!


  1. I'm so excited about the mini accessories! I'm curious about the Lori branding.

  2. Those are really cute - and at that size I can see a lot of cross-line uses for those pieces.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this in person. Thank you for the photos and information.

  4. We have the Mini coupe car that plays the radio. Not very happy about any of the accessories. The radio is static and the window has already cracked....Cute car, but for older girls. My daughter is 4....