Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Lori Case: Isabelle's World in Miniature?

My poppets love the new LORI line of 6" dolls and accessories and we continue to be surprised and delighted by the constant stream of new releases. The new LORI case with accessories is sweet and sophisticated and basically irresistible!

On the shelves pictured above is partial view of the ballet studio with a grand piano that has been on the shelves since late summer. Maybe I should have seen the connection before today, but much of the LORI line dance clothing and accessories evoke American Girl's GOTY Isabelle (2014) and her ballet theme.

The dance case is pretty much a dead ringer for GOTY Isabelle's Dance Case. The case is somewhat smaller and comes with different accessories than Isabelle's Dance Case, but it is impossible to see the Lori Case and not think of Isabelle!

The LORI line offers the choice between a darker salmon-pink colored case or a lighter blush-pink case.

The accessories for the 6" Lori dolls that come with the case include 2 pairs of glasses, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 bracelet, 2 rubber band bracelet set, 2 headbands, a necklace and a hair bow.

Interior of the salmon colored case--there is a pocket sleeve on one side of the interior for accessories and glittery elastic band that can secure a 6" doll inside for travel or storage.

The vinyl case is subtly and elegantly embossed with the LORI logo.

The interior of the blush-pink case is sheer bliss. The case appears sturdy and well constructed with a metallic closing clasp and the carry handle is riveted in place.

Maybe the best part of this Lori case with all these included accessories is the price:  $16.99. I know! These should rightly fly off the shelves!

Three LORI dolls in their dance clothes show off the new accessories from the case. Thank you to the kind friend who allowed me to share her photos of this terrific find so that we could all enjoy a quick peek together of the new LORI case!


  1. So cute! :)

    Allie D.

  2. So cute! I may have to get one of the cases to store my mini collection.

  3. I wonder why the cases look so similar. It's strange. I think maybe OG copies American Girl.
    - American Girl Doll Artist


  4. I definitely think OG is riding AG coattails. Sometimes they anticipate a release by AG--OG had all sort of travel and Paris-like outfits long before GOTY Grace Thomas came out and OG also had their 1950s diner and retro 50s clothing all last year long before BF Maryellen was released. So it seems OG has some good industry spies! And OG is now cashing in afterwards, too, by releasing all these Isabelle/ballet themed items, some which are dead ringers for Isabelle's collection like the dance case.

  5. Is Lori different from OG? I was under the impression that they were

  6. OG and LORI are both owned by the same parent company, Battat. Both lines seem to have their own marketing... I think what I am still not clear on is if OG will continue to put out 6" dolls under the OG label or if all 6" dolls have been moved completely and exclusively to be under the LORI line. You can visit the new LORI website with all the cute pictures at www.loridolls.com :)

    1. No. The OG minis are listed under fashion accessories on the OG site and there are new ones there.

    2. I meant, no the OG minis have not moved to LORI. :)