Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Embroidered Eye: New Changes for AG Pets?

With little notice or fanfare, BeForever Kit Kittredge's dog Grace has been modified from having plastic eyes to embroidered eyes.

This appears to have been a switch sometime in 2015, but I only noticed because of my recent purchase of Grace the dog. AG's website still shows images of Grace having the older style with the plastic eyes.

The wrinkles and ruffles throughout Grace's face and neck are all adorable still.

Many of the pets and animals are being quietly added or updated to embroidered eyes. Samantha's original Jip had plastic eye but the more recent Jip II has embroidered eyes. The new unreleased bunny (stay tuned!) will have embroidered eyes.

The response to this change seems to be split. However, I will confess that I only jumped in to buy Grace the dog last week because I was always secretly creeped out by the overly stern glare of her plastic beady eyes. The embroidered eyes are much more doleful.

In fact, I only ordered Grace recently on a swap board because the seller had snapped a picture and I thought "Wow! A sweet and doleful looking Grace!" not realizing the picture looked different because I was looking at the new version with embroidered eyes! Only after she arrived at my home and I was able to examine her closely did I realize the change. 

New embroidered eyes for Grace are an A+ for me. 


  1. Do you have an idea as of why AG made the switch? I liked the marble-like eyes. They looked more realistic to me.

    1. I don't have any official information but I imagine that embroidered eyes are safer--no accidental ingestion if the small plastic eye becomes loose and falls off. And child safety laws here in the US and in Canada where AG sells its wares are always evolving. I am not certain if embroidered eyes is a cost savings issue, but that is another possibility.