Thursday, June 2, 2016

A June Surprise! Lea Clark!

Look who has joined our poppet family!

While I went to Lea Clark's store debut at AGPSF on January 1st, I had decided to wait and discover if I really wanted to bring home the newest GOTY because of the novelty factor and rush of opening day or if I really wanted to have the poppet on her own unique merits.

I am so excited to share Lea's homecoming that this first batch of photos are merely a first peek. Here she is still in her box.

I both love her bright dress and I have no real interest in it as anything other than a romp-around outfit. I expect she will be wearing something else new very quickly.

Her arms are wrapped in plastic, presumably to safeguard against dye transfer or any other bumps in her long travels to her new home. I have not checked yet to see if she has the nee zip-tie at the neck, but I presume this is the case.

Hazel eyes and a new arched shape to her feathered brow. I think her new brow shape makes Lea's face look inquisitive and intelligent. 

I am an enthusiastic fan of the hazel eye color--it always looks life-like and warm on the poppets. Other poppets in our home with hazel eyes include Kanani, my Isabelle twin poppets, a Truly me #55, and a Truly Me #21. And no, I don't see myself ever being tired of the hazel color.

Spectacular highlights. I can't wait to let her hair down from the hairnet.

I purchased Lea as part of her Exclusive Collection which includes her Accessories and her Beach Dress. But I also absolutely had to pick up the one dress that I see as essential to her collection... sneak peak below!

Lea's Beach Dress and Lea's Accessories as part of the Exclusive Collection plus Lea's Celebration Dress!

The Beach Dress is available only as part of the Exclusive Collection bundle. While the purple tie-dyed dress, flip-flops, sunglasses and little blue butterfly hair clip are adorable the overall price of the exclusive bundled set is really a tough hurdle financially and thus emotionally. As an adult collector I can manage the added cost of the bundle but younger customers might not have this kind of stretch in their budgets. 

I love the embroidered details in Lea's outfits--a few quick snaps of this lovely detail!

I really like the embroidered symbol on Lea's Beach Dress.

The ruffle of the Celebration Outfit is full and flirty and the metallic gold in the embroidery is really special.

One thing I missed in all the early gray market leaks and even after the Celebration Dress officially debuted online last month is that the pattern on the top of the dress is also embroidered and not just a print. The embroidery is breathtaking!

The obligatory Lea Clark tag. I sort of love the tags on the GOTY lines and treat them the same way I do tags on "Levi" jeans or "Kate Spade" purses--my name is not Levi or Kate, but I have bought, worn, and/or carried these and hundreds of other trademarked items with names printed on them.

My Lea Clark doll, like all my other corporate "pre-named" poppets, will also have her very own unique name. She will also time-travel and be an older sister to another of my poppets--can you guess who?


  1. Rebecca possibly? Congrats on your new poppet! Lea is so pretty.
    The embroidery on the dress is amazing. They really went the extra mile on that one.

    1. Great guess! But not Rebecca. I can see the logic of it, since they share the same face mold and both have a variation of the hazel eyes.

      The Celebration Dress is really great and I have a line of poppets who want to wear it next. :)

  2. Congratulations! We were thrilled to have Lea join our family earlier this year. I was hoping to be able to get a lot of her outfits by now, but am still working on that. I do have her beach dress. I read a review of it that someone didn't like it and thought it was cheap and flimsy, but I think it is great and am glad I got it when I did.