Sunday, August 14, 2016

Holiday 2016 Preview: Fox Pajamas and Snowflake Sweater Set

So many holiday previews! I can hardly keep up!

I thought I was sold on the pink Penguin Pajamas, but these blue Fox Pajamas are adorable. The design of the top with the frilled edges is very similar to last year's pink Valentine themed Lovely Leopard Pajamas.

These slippers seem paired with the Fox Pajamas, but thematically I don't understand the little white hearts.

And a terrific Snowflake Sweater! I love the embroidered snowflake with faux rhinestone accents.

The Snowflake Sweater outfit comes with a simple pink beret style knit cap. I do wonder if this outfit will be a wintertime PWP (which almost never come with shoes) or if we will see some coordinating boots showing up to complete this outfit.