Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: AG & "Artfully Inspired" by Maplelea

Character development of Z is taking a whole new direction and it includes our first outfit from Maplelea!

The Artfully Inspired outfit comes with a pink asymmetrical top, purple leggings and a yellow infinity scarf in a light waffle weave fabric. The top has a velcro back closing and the infinity scarf also has a velcro closure. The outfit does not come with shoes, and considering the fit of Maplelea clothing and shoes on American Girl dolls is not always assured, I was happy to pair this outfit with AG shoes (see below).

The Maplelea top and leggings are a light stretch knit and fit snuggly but not too tight on our AG poppet. Maplelea dolls are a smidgen taller and a smidgen more slender, but this outfit works.

Very cute Inuit themed decals as a decorative trim.

Z paired this outfit with the hiking boots from a retired TM Hiking Outfit.

Overall, I really like the outfit. Terrific colors, darling Inuit details love the yellow stitching, soft fabric. I am not sure how sturdy the outfit would be for a lot of play, but for display dolls it is terrific.

Since Maplelea is a Canadian company, the downside is price can be expensive with shipping. Some Maplelea outfits are available from Amazon, which can save on shipping, but this outfit I bought straight from the Canadian site since it was not yet available at the time via Amazon. Plus, it does not come with shoes for the price.

Overall grade is B+ but with many hearts!

Can you guess where poppet Z's story is going? She will be receiving a whole new non-canon name, background, wardrobe and story.

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