Logan's World

Logan Everett is American Girl's first 18" boy doll
Logan debuted alongside Tenney Grant on February 16, 2017
Logan is the Kaya mold (closed mouth instead of open mouth smile) in a light vinyl
His wig style is a short brown wig with side part and brushed back bangs
Logan has the same modified hands that Tenney has and thus he will also be able to hold a guitar--though not sure if the teal with roses guitar is his style
Logan has a drum kit
His meet outfit is the Play Loud tee, plaid shirt, black jeans and grey sneaker and grey boy briefs
Logan's box style is similar to Gabriela's and Tenney's new box style

Logan's Meet Outfit

Green and Blue Plaid Shirt

Note how the button are left over right, the traditional way for men's shirts.

Dark Denim Jeans

Great mix-and-match potential for boys or girls.

Play Loud! Tee

Logan is said to be a drummer in the same band as friend Tenney.

Play Loud! Tee

Logan is a drummer in the same band as friend Tenney.

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