GOTY 2018 Luciana Vega

Luciana's Collection (includes rumors and unconfirmed items)

Luciana Doll
Space Camp Outfit (tee, shorts, green flight jacket)
Blue Flight Suit
Nasa Tee
Pink and Blue Pajamas
Telescope (rumored, not confirmed)
Robot Dog
Maker Station
Mars Habitat

Other Images

@agberkie brings Luciana home early!

Luciana's purple hair streak is attached.

Removable  belt-purse.

Note Luciana's Accessories (silver backpack) and first indication the blue flight suit is not bundled with a big ticket item (yay!).

Ebay seller images

Luciana Meet Dress

Luciana's Sneakers (from Space Camp Outfit with Green Flight Jacket?)

Debut Day Space Tee

Luciana's Robot Dog

Nasa TShirt (not sure this will be offered but it would be a big hit!)

Luciana Prototypes

A closer look at Luciana's dark brown mid-length wig with attached purple streak. She is rumored to have a Josefina face mold, medium skin tone, and brown eyes.


Luciana's books will be written by Erin Teagan, a children's book author who holds a masters degree in science (unspecified) and has worked in a biochemistry lab. Her prior children's books all have science related themes.


When AG trademarks a first-and-last name for a doll almost always it is a sign of a doll that is deep into research and development and almost always these first-and-last named characters will make its AG debut


2018 GOTY may be the final girl in their Girl of the Year series

The name Luciana is of Spanish/Roman origin and can mean "Light of the Moon" (thanks, dollsbetweenus!) and its male variation is Lucius. Luciana is a popular name in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Vega is is a Spanish surname of pre-Roman origin meaning "dweller in the meadow"or "one who lives on the plain." More to the point of Luciana's space theme, "Vega" is also the name of a bright star in the constellation Lyra. Many astronomers name it the most important star in our skies after the sun! AG does such a wonderful job with its naming!


  1. why will it be the last girl in their series?

    1. The rumor is AG is moving toward more the multi-year Contemporary Characters line (Tenney, Z Yang, Logan, etc).

  2. I have no GOTY's so I NEED her!!!!Also she's absolutly adorable!!!!

    1. Does anyone know if she's modeled after that doctor lady always going on adventures also named Luciana or Lucianna? My sister and her friends follows her ig and they look alike but different last names but theirs pics of her with NASA in the south pole. My mom says dolls aren't of people but do they could make dolls similarly to real people. I asked my sister to ask on messengers but she didn't hear anything yet but said if it was she can't tell nobody. Can someone look and tell me what you think. Look for 2lkgypsy22

  3. Another thing, I'll proboly be getting all her outfits so do you think there will be any prices out soon?

    1. Price lists leak late, but we are only three weeks out now, so soon!

  4. I hate her book cover, but I love everything else about her!

  5. May I please share these photos on my blog with credit.