What we know about Z

American Girl's character Z from "Z.Crew" videos will be turned into a limited edition doll
Release date is April 2017

Z from one of her stop-motion videos

"Z Yang" filed October 17, 2016:

"Z Yang" graphic logos filed October 17, 2016:


Z's puppy Popcorn, a Dalmatian puppy, trademark filed on November 23, 2016:

The Dalmatian Puppy, pictured below from one of Z's videos, looks to be identical to the one sold by American Girl in the Truly Me line except now it has been trademarked. Hmmm!

Background information about Z 

Z (in her stop-motion videos) looks very similar to a Truly Me doll 64 but with her part on the other side and an added beauty mark on her left cheek

Z's stop-motion video shorts are featured on American Girl's website and YouTube channel

Z and Z.Crew already has some merchandise currently available at AG (released February 2016) including one item with the likeness of Z herself.

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