Z's World

The release date for Z, short for "Suzie," is April 27, 2017.

American Girl's character Z from "Z Crew" videos is their next "Contemporary Character" doll. No word on how long she will be made available, but it seems reasonable to think she'll be around for at least a year or two, though no pattern has yet been established via the first two Contemporary dolls (Tenney and Logan).

Her book will debut earlier via Amazon on April 25th.

The Real Z (Book 1, April 25, 2017): And action! Z knows what she's doing when it comes to making movies. She's an expert at stop-motion video. In this first book about the aspiring filmmaker, Z has to make a whole new kind of movie--a documentary--and it's harder than she thought. Z wants to wow the judges, but she's not sure her ideas are good enough for a film festival. With the help of her friends, Z shoots a lot of footage, but something about it doesn't feel right. Should she start over? As she tries to make a movie she can be proud of, Z discovers that to be a real filmmaker, she'll first have to be her real self.

Z on Location (Book 2, September 12 2017): In her second novel, Z is thrilled to be going on the road to help her mom film a documentary. She might even get to interview her vlogging idol, Winter Costello, at VidCon! Eager to share her summer adventure with her friends and vlog fans, Z keeps her phone and camera at the ready. But she finds that working on a real film set takes more focus than she expected. When her love of connecting online threatens to ruin her chances of connecting in real life with her idol and fans, Z faces the ultimate test: Can she survive off-line and learn to #liveinthemoment?

Z Yang's World (Stock Images)

Z Yang's World (Early Peeks)

Z's Dog (Dalmatian Puppy)

Front of Dog Box

Back of Dog Box

Easy Breezy Outfit

Sightseeing Outfit

Background information about Z 

Z from one of her stop-motion videos

American Girl filed a trademark for "Z Yang" on October 17, 2016:

"Z Yang" graphic logos filed October 17, 2016:


Z's puppy Popcorn, a Dalmatian puppy, trademark filed on November 23, 2016:

The Dalmatian Puppy, pictured below from one of Z's videos, looks to be identical to the one sold by American Girl in the Truly Me line except now it has been trademarked. Hmmm!

(Added 4-2-2017) Rumors are that the Dalmatian Puppy is going to retire--and possible return as Z's dog Popcorn.

Z (in her stop-motion videos) looks very similar to a Truly Me doll 64 but with her part on the other side and an added beauty mark on her left cheek

Z's stop-motion video shorts are featured on American Girl's website and YouTube channel

Z and Z.Crew already has some merchandise currently available at AG (released February 2016) including one item with the likeness of Z herself.


  1. Please note that Z Yang is NOT a limited edition doll.

    1. Thank you. I've updated the page to better reflect what we know so far. I have read rumors that Tenney and Logan are not expected to be around much more than a year though I would love to see a few years worth of releases for them!