Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Ringlet for Tenney?

Tenney continues to surprise--is that a prominent ringlet feature with her wig?

While it is too early and too fuzzy to definitely claim a ringlet, note how the hair hanging out of her hairnet down her right brow looks to be a much tighter curl pattern.

Additionally, almost all the leaked frankendolls (a possible Tenney factory-seconds head + wig placed on an older doll body) seemed to have strong hints of a possible long ringlet. For example, the doll below is one such early frankendoll.

Some are comparing Tenney to Truly Me 24 but it looks like Tenney will have several differences from TM 24, and not just the ringlet.  

The original TM 24 (left) has no ringlet, line eyebrows, and brown eyes with pinwheel design. In contrast, Tenney appears to have a ringlet, her eyebrows are the new feathered design, her freckle pattern appears to be new, she is likely to have brown eyes with the iris decal pattern rather than pinwheel pattern, and of course her hand molds are completely new. 

Not your average TM 24.


  1. Thanks for the comparison. I was wondering how they (24 and Tenney) were different.

  2. It would appear that Tenney does have a ringlet, as someone found a stock photo of Tenney. Link is here: