Saturday, January 14, 2017

First Look: Tenney Grant

Leaked on Facebook Marketplace in Madison, Wisconsin.

She comes in the hideous new box style that debuted with Gabriela.

Tenney's meet is her Sing Your Story tee, which I am so pleased about, primarily because it means I won't have to hunt it down on the secondary market if it had been a giveaway tee. She also is wearing the fabulous ankle boots and embossed pleather skirt, two more of my favorite separates. While not in love with the sleeveless denim jacket, it does seem to add mix-and-match value to Tenney's meet outfit.

New hands! I think AG got it right--subtle change in mold without adding joints to her arm or wrist.

The poppet's left hand looks to be slightly more open than the classic hand mold to accommodate the neck of a banjo or guitar and her right hand mold is slightly more closed to imitate strumming fingers or perhaps even hold a pick. If you look closely at the book images (left of front box inset pix and her full-sized book cover peaking out from behind her legs) you can see her right hand posed in the strumming/picking position.

Her guitar color on the cover of her book is teal. Oh I hope and wish!!!

My quick assessment is I absolutely detest the box and I can't forgive AG for what they have done to Gabriela and Tenney with the awful box. I hope Tenney's other clothing is not ruined by being sewn into terrible boxes. However, because of Tenney's unique hands and what is rumored to be her unique musical accessories to fit in those hands--banjo and guitar--I am a gonner.

I can imagine Tenney's body might become a hit to use as a base for new custom dolls....

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