Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Co-Branding? A Taylor Guitar

It is so rare to see American Girl team up with co-branding that I was surprised to notice Tenney's guitar looks to be a Taylor Guitar!

For those not familiar with guitar manufacturers, Taylor Guitar is a leading guitar company in the United States. Also note that the "Taylor" imprinted on the head stock of Tenney's teal guitar has absolutely nothing to do with Taylor Swift although Swift does play and endorse the Taylor Guitar brand.

Left is Tenney's poppet-sized guitar. Right is an image of the head stock of an actual Taylor guitar.

This seems like extremely smart co-branding--how many young girls will become aware of the Taylor Guitar brand via the toy version and associate the early memories with a brand they wish to use in the future?


  1. Wow, good catch! I seriously cannot wait for this doll. :)

  2. There will be a girl size version of Tenney's guitar made by Taylor

    1. Thanks! I just read that briefly somewhere but no details and just dying for actual details--do you know anything more? Will it be the 3/4 size (good for younger kids) and will it be teal? Price? How about price of the doll sized one? I am sooo curious! I think it is a brilliant move by Taylor to co-brand a girl-sized version and I imagine it could be a big hit for under the Christmas tree. Makes me wish I was still a kid!