Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poppets & Pets: A GOTY Infographic

Perhaps for the first time anywhere, all the GOTY poppets and their major pets and animals.

New year, new resolution--I am organizing my AG collection using as many KonMari principles as possible.

I already know all my poppets themselves "spark joy" but the entire hoard of accessories does not necessarily spark joy for me-- but how to reduce? After literally a year pondering my AG "komono" category I have sparked upon the idea to let my poppet characters decide if they want to claim an item or not. If an item is not claimed or assigned to a specific poppet it will go in the sell or donate pile. I am sure a few items will stay just because I love it and not because it will be assigned to a specific poppet.

First up is gathering the pets to see who will claim them! The infographic chart above will help me connect my GOTY pets to the GOTY characters. Note I do not own all of the GOTY dolls!

Next up I will need to make a BeForever infographic with poppets and pets. However, after that I still have many TM pets and animals that will be looking to be officially claimed by my core set of dolls.

How do you handle your collection once it outgrows your walls?


  1. Love this. I can say I did things diffrent this year, 1st did not buy the GOTY 1-1-17. That is a big 1st step of not adding to a full house already. I left with 1 item $34.00, as a result, additionally, I pulled out Our #46 and then all of Isabella's Collection. We are using and enjoying it. This feels good and makes me feel excitement, so holding onto all of the 2014 GOTY stuff seems smart. Hoping this ties into your article, my goal is to say you can't go too wrong with holding onto some of your treasures. They might be the hot stuff again someday. I do plan to grab Gabriela's stuff on a sale, hopefully a bundle,it will all pair well with My Isabelle Palmer Collection.

  2. Every once in awhile I gather clothes I no longer want and give them to a niece for her AG dolls. Most of these were bought on a whim and the purchase not well thought out. Keep us posted on your progress. Once of my resolutions is to set up a closet space similar to yours so I can actually see and use what I already have.

  3. Really it's all about storing things you can't display at the moment. For example, most of my AG collection is out, but some of my Kaya items and seasonal things are stored in my closet or under my bed, etc. because I simply don't want them out right now. Eventually, the same thing will happen for my lego friends and other toys I have.

  4. I do a similar thing-my modern dolls each have seperate wardrobe bins and accessories unique to them. I have some universal pieces and shoes, and two large bins of Historical clothing and accessories. One for the 1900's and on, and one for before the 1900's

    This has helped me build characters and only keep "fleshed out" dolls, rather than cute but no personality holding ones. Each doll brings me happiness and represents a little girl character I treasure.

  5. I decided to get more walls. My collection has been in one room of my house, and the room next to it was needing a spring clean, and well, it cleaned out enough to make space for a building one does not really want downstairs from ones bedroom ie school. It may also mean I have room now to make a café and a shoe shop. I wonder if I can convince my hubby to move into the garage so the rest of the house can become dollville

  6. Hi! I love this graphic! Thank you for sharing it.

    I may have to rethink how I store my collection because it does tend to get out of control now and then. Originally I could put everything in Melody's original box, plus an older AGOT plastic shopping bag. Then I branched out to those and a small dresser. Now I have the small dresser, 2 small cardboard boxes (AG shippers), a handmade doll wardrobe, plus Thirty-One products totaling 5 large utility totes, 1 all in caddy, zip top organizing tote, retro metro bag, duffel, your way cube, your way rectangle, flip top bin, and deluxe utility tote. I have to reorganize because the tote I had personalized for blog trip usage now holds wardrobe items. LOL

  7. They forgot McKenna's hamster, polka dot!