Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tenney: Country Blondes

The commonalities between Tenney Grant and Taylor Swift have been commented upon by many and there are some signals that Taylor Swift was on AG's mind while designing Tenney--but there are other interesting inspiration possibilities or coincidences.

Tenney's Book 3 features illustration of both Tenney and her friend Logan. Which has me thinking about another country duo, Scarlett and Gunnar from the show Nashville.

Scarlett and Gunnar from Nashville

The lovely parallels in looks and talents between fictional Scarlett and Gunnar as an aspirating singer-songwriter duo who both sing and play guitar and fictional Tenney and Logan has me putting "Scarlett" on a short list of names for my own Tenney.

So while Swift might be the well known inspiration for Tenney, the sweet curly headed blonde country singer-songwriter ingenue is a real life and fictional trope that has been around longer than even Dolly Parton.

Scarlett from Nashville

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