Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sweet Cousins: A MyAG 29 and Kanani Comparison

Welcome Noelle!

Yesterday my younger sister brought home a new girl from AGPSF. Noelle, her new MyAG 29, agreed to a photoshoot with her cousin (my own Kanani).

The girls, Kanani left and Noelle right, are wearing the 2013 Brocade Holiday Dress.

Noelle, a MyAG 29, is a classic face mold in a medium skin tone. She has caramel brown straight layered hair, brown pinwheel eyes, and feathered eyebrows. 

In comparison, Kanani has her own unique "Kanani" face mold with hazel decal eyes.

Their hair color is definitely similar, though the MyAG 29 (on the right) has slightly darker hair. The main difference comes in the length and wave. Kanani's incredibly long hair feels extremely fine and easily is swept into long rolling waves. Noelle's hair is shorter, straighter, and falls in wide sweeps or flips.

Their skin tones are almost identical as well and I am hard pressed to guess if the difference is by deliberate design or just a variation in manufacturing. In many lighting situations, Noelle (right) seems lighter in skin  tone than Kanani, but just barely. The difference is perhaps more in the undertone as Noelle seems to have a more peachy-rose undertone and Kanani more towards a yellow undertone. But I could be convinced otherwise in other lighting.

While Noelle as a MyAG 29 lacks too many characteristics to be a strong !Kanani candidate, especially in terms of the different face mold, eye color and shape, in terms of coloring, they are very similar and I suspect would both be able to swap wardrobes and look great. (A !Dollname is a MyAG doll who can serve as a doppleganger or reasonable substitute for another doll, usually retired.)

I am enchanted by Noelle.  To be honest, I am surprised how much MyAG 29 escaped my notice--I simply had not noticed her in all my viewings of the AG website, my reading of AG related doll forums, and even all my visits the AGPSF this past year. Until my sister pointed her out as a possible Christmas girl to bring home, I am not sure I really had noticed her at all! And she is so darling!

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  1. Kanani actually has the Jess face mold.