Friday, November 14, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Grand Tour = Grand Price Tag?

The January 1st launch of GOTY 2015: Grace Thomas is assured to be a grand event at all the American Girl Place store locations. My sister and I already have a date to be in line at AGPSF at the opening of the store on New Year's Day. Why a picture of cupcakes? Well, just around the corner from AGPSF in the Stanford Mall is my favorite cupcake store, Sprinkles, which will be visited as well that brisk morning! But it seems increasingly plausible that our Grace will be a baker, and perhaps a baker of cupcakes.

It should be a grand morning with a grand reveal--but will the final price tag of Grace's whole world including doll, clothing, and accessories finally tip over the one grand mark?

Final price tags for purchasing "whole worlds" (either as individual items or when available, as a "whole world" deal) of each of the previous GOTY dolls has trended sharply upwards. (Note that these total prices do not include mini dolls, dvds, or some of the additional volumes of their stories.)

Lindsey's Whole World - $150 ($135 as a WW deal)
Kailey's Whole World - $166 ($145 as a WW deal)
Marisol's Whole World - $260 ($249 as a WW deal)
Jess's Whole World - $298 ($265 as a WW deal)
Nicki's Whole World - $366 ($325 as a WW deal)
Mia's Whole World - $504 ($459 as a WW deal)
Chrissa's Whole World - $663 (includes friend dolls Sonali and Gwen)
Lanie's Whole World - $660 
Kanani's Whole World - $525 ($479 as a WW deal)
McKenna's Whole World - $695
Saige's Whole World - $700
Isabelle's Whole World - $856
Grace's Whole World - ????

If Grace's ultimate Big Ticket Item (BTI) is priced over $300, I believe her whole world collection could easily brush the $1,000 mark. A bakery themed/cupcake selling food truck (as I speculate about in the last post) could easily push the total collection price over the grand mark. However, a more modest bakery counter or storefront item could also be produced at much more price-point friendly $95 - $115. 

Will AG go for a "wow" BTI and a price tag to match or try to nab a larger piece of the consumer audience through a more modest offering? The overall trend has been for offering bigger and bigger BTIs:

Lanie's Scooter - $34
Kailey's Boogie Board - $20
Marisol's Performance Trunk - $49
Jess' Motor Scooter - $65
Nicki's Jackson the Horse - $65 (plus Tack Box - $34)
Mia's Bedroom Furniture - $125 (plus Accessories - $30)
Chrissa's Party Table $75 (plus Party Treats - $32)
Lanie's Camper - $295
Kanani's Shaved Ice Stand - $115
McKenna's Loft Bed - $225
Saige's Hot Air Balloon $150
Isabelle's Studio $275
Grace's BTI - ???

Perhaps 2015 will not be a block buster BTI, but GOTY is hyped as something truly unique and special. Without a breakthrough item for little girls to dream about (though few possess), the GOTY may fail to excite enough hype. AG is selling dolls, but also the dream of something perhaps not quite attainable. 

I predict a low of $115 and and a high of $349 for this year's BTI. Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor is $300 and the Winter Carriage is $275. Surely GOTY 2015: Grace Thomas will have a BTI worthy of a wow and the price tag to match. 

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