Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Reviews: Kit's Chicken Keeping Set

Has everyone else been dazzled by last month's release of new BeForever Limited Edition outfits and so much more? I confess I was overwhelmed by having so many great new outfits to choose from in the BF lines, not to mention a great deal of fun from the modern line as well.

I did bring home several outfits from the spring release, but I must start with my favorite: Kit's Chicken Keeping Set.

The Chicken Keeping Set is being modeled by Gjertrud (aka Kit). This Limited Edition outfit comes with overalls, a blouse, matching hair bow, buckled shoes, and of course, a little plush chicken which absolutely makes this outfit.

This gem of an ensemble was a birthday gift to me from my sister--we visited AGPSF just after the spring release and this was my first choice! While we missed out on the sale that just began on this outfit and other LE outfits, I am glad Gertrud isn't missing out on the fun since this outfit (at least online) is currently back ordered until the middle of April!

I love the sweetheart neckline of the bib and the arched line of the waist band. The subtle gathers are just right and add touch bit of femininity without going overboard. I admit that I generally try to steer away from outfits with prominent or flashy buttons, but this outfit does it right--the pink is a perfect splash. 

The buttons on the bib of the overalls are functional, though the floral blouse underneath uses a velcro close. The hair bow is made of the same fabric as the blouse and the knot/bow is permanent (the hair piece is gathered with elastic on the bottom).

The back of the overalls closes with velcro (buttons non-functional) and whether the straps are crossed or not, the fit is a bit baggy--though this does not detract much from the overall look. I believe much of this bag and sag is more a function of the awkwardly shaped backsides of AG dolls in general.

The shoes are a complete win. The leatherette material is supple but firm, the wingtip stitching detail is darling, and the strap attaches with velcro under the buckle. I was able to slip the shoes on and off easily.

The plush chicken! Too cute!

The wings are done smartly--I fluffed them out a bit to give them shape. I only wish I had a family of plushy chickens to add! How about a chicken coop, AG? I would faint with excitement!

A+. The colors in this ensemble are so flattering and the chicken is a cutie pie! This is a don't miss outfit!


  1. LOVE that chicken! The chicken and the shoes are a huge plus. Gjertrude looks great in this outfit.

    I was surprised to see all the new releases on sale already (even if only 20%) that is so very unusual. I snapped up Kaya's new dress and the powwow ribbon set too. Shhh, don't tell her - it's a surprise. ;-)

  2. Hi Melody! What a terrific surprise for your Kaya, mum's the word!

    I will admit, I was so taken by Kaya's new red dress (Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit) that I wanted to purchase a Kaya doll right then and there just to justify buying the red dress. But I could quickly see how impulse buying the Kaya doll plus red pow wow dress would then lead me to wanting to acquire Kaya's Whole World, past and present, and I knew this urge would be almost unstoppable. I would love to see your pictures, though!

  3. I love those shoes! Gjertrude is precious, thanks for sharing!