Friday, December 11, 2015

AGPSF Flash: Taking Stock of Grace Thomas

The rains paused and this sunny Friday afternoon I took a delightful drive up to AGPSF to take a walk-through of Grace Thomas' displays and note her in-store stock.

This is a view into Grace Thomas' main display area at the front of the store. While there is a lot still to see of her collection, there is no grand attempt to fill in the display gaps, most noticeably the huge empty space right in the middle of the floor. There is floor space to do some cartwheels!

Not only is there extra floor space, the display cases themselves are emptying out. The open teal platform long ago held the French Bakery but there was no attempt to make any other display--just a rather well-loved Grace doll with frizzy hair. The pink platform with plexiglass case on the right held the Pastry Cart display just last weekend, but now Grace stands alone in the case.

And the light blue platform case is also emptying out--no more BonBon (he was there just last week!). There are plenty of dolls for sale--but only two of the Travel Set (Luggage) left on the shelves. The Travel Coat is long gone.

Back wall left side--dolls and Welcome Gifts.

Middle back wall--a few Bistro Sets remain.

Back wall right side--Pajamas, Welcome Gifts and City Outfit. Also the Sightseeing Accessories and Sweet Hairstyling Set (left column).

Around the corner and in other display areas are additional outfits and accessories including the Baking Outfit and Opening-Night Outfit. For many Grace Thomas items, going in-store is still viable option at AGPSF.

Available at AGPSF
* indicates sold out online

Baking Outfit*
Baking Set*
Bistro Set*
City Outfit*
Opening-Night Outfit
Sightseeing Accessories*
Sweet Hairstyling Set*
Travel Set (Luggage)*
Welcome Gifts

Gone Both Online and at AGPSF
French Bulldog
French Bakery
Paris Accessories (Purse)
Pastry Cart
Travel Coat

Only Available Online

Sightseeing Outfit


  1. I thought the Grace doll was selling better... Do you think they produced extra dolls because she was selling so well earlier in the year?
    - American Girl Doll Artist -

    1. I have no information on that, but I do acknowledge the potential problem AG has if they run out of the character doll too early because it becomes difficult to sell her associated clothing and accessories. I see all the 18" character dolls as "gateways" that leads consumers to purchase more and more from the corresponding collection. At least I know that happens to me--purchasing a Kit doll suddenly means I want a bunch of Kit items! This doesn't mean that people don't simply buy ala carte--outfits only, no doll--but having the character doll herself almost certainly drives many to buy even more related purchases. So AG has a vested interest in making sure the *last* item to sell out is the doll herself.

    2. That makes sense. Thanks!
      - American Girl Doll Artist