Thursday, December 17, 2015

Melody Ellison: New Details Emerge!

We can glean and reasonably speculate an amazing amount about BeForever Melody Ellison and her collection now that we have seen her book cover! For a discussion about the historical significance of her trademarked name, click here.

The cover from Melody’s book finally confirms that the darling blue and green hounds tooth dress sold last month on Ebay will be Melody Ellison’s meet outfit. (Love this dress!)

We will now also be able to expect a jaunty blue cap as one of Melody's accessories.

Melody’s story will be centered around 1964. Specifically indicated on the poster behind her is the “Walk to Freedom” march that was held on June 23, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. The Walk to Freedom was one of largest civil rights demonstrations in United States history—will Melody take part in this significant and historic event?

The Record Shop sign behind her hints that the music of her era, most likely Motown Records and hits, will feature large in her story. In fact, music will be huge in her story—not only is her name “Melody” and there are hints of Motown, but the title of her first book is No Ordinary Sound.

Will Melody have a musical talent? Singing? Perhaps play an instrument as well?

Between the mentioning of the Walk to Freedom and the lure of Motown for historical significance, will Detroit be Melody’s hometown? (Yay for Midwestern girls!)

As for the doll herself, Melody will be an African American doll with a medium to dark vinyl color, though no confirmation on her exact skin tone or face mold. Her hair is a deep black-brown and that appears textured and then straightened. Her hangs down just past her shoulders with a cute little flip at the ends. It is hard to say if she has side swept bangs or if her long hair has just been styled to the side, but it looks more like side swept bangs. She appears to have dark brown eyes.

The pieces are all coming together now. The big question remains as to her launch date? Will we need to wait until August 2016 as with recent new BeForever dolls? With all of these leaks for Melody—her trademarked name, her meet dress, a possible debut in-store giveaway tee for dolls, and now her book cover—could we possibly dream of a February or even January 2016 launch??


  1. I have to admit, I would be a little disappointed if she had side bangs. Maryellen has sidebands and she just came out. :( But I'm sure Melody will be gorgeous.

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    P.S. I just found out about your blog, and I'm glad I did! It's very nice. :)

    1. I am so glad you visited! Thank you!

      I also would prefer pushed aside hair vs. side-swept bangs, but I agree she looks to be a beautiful doll.

  2. The story plot is on agupdatenews Her brother wants to be a Motown star, she is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., she sings at church, her cousins family has trouble getting a house cause of segregation, and then there is a tragedy but you have yo read to find out. Its probably the walk to freedom

  3. I am kind of surprised to see that she has such straight hair!

    1. Back in the day people used pressing combs or hot combs. I guess schools need to really begin making time to teach history because if children do not even know what a hot comb is than that is really not good. Your mother's hair dresser should know.