Sunday, January 1, 2017

GOTY Gabriela: More Than a Year!

Are these images from Gabriela's Play Pages a teaser for her mid-year release items?

Sleuth Credit: @theagdollbunch

I love the bright outfit and fuzzy purple chair more than anything else in Gabriela's initial release. If these are to be part of Gabriela's release it is a shame they did not debut on January 1st!

My hope is they will be released in February so we don't have to wait so long!

A word about AG's news about Gabriela being around for more than a year. I love it. She's still special because of her GOTY 2017 designation but she and/or her collection also becomes accessible for an extended period of time. A win-win in my book.


  1. Those pieces look very nice! The headphones especially, could/will definitely be a hit. The outfit looks cute too, wonder what it's for/how it relates to her story.

    1. If the skirt outfit came with sandals I would totally see it as a nice outfit for a poetry reading at a bookstore or giving a speech at school (I think her 2nd story deals wth a school election). I really like it and can see myself purchasing it and pairing it with a different set of sandals.

  2. Thanks for sharing love it all 100% percent. Love all of Tenny's stuff.