Monday, January 30, 2017

Updates on Logan & New Doll Rumor

Be sure to check out an possible new doll rumor at end of post!

If one was quick and awake on social media Sunday they got to see several leaked images of Logan Everett. Some of his images can be found via the #tenneygrant tag on Instagram.

The two main images were the back of Logan's doll box and another photo of a cluster of Logan and Tenney dolls out of boxes standing next to each other.


Logan is real.

He has the Kaya mold (closed mouth instead of open mouth smile) in a light vinyl. His wig style is a short brown wig with side part and brushed back bangs. As noted by others, his wig is not the "Bieber" wig style of long hanging front bangs of most custom boys. Looks like brown eyes.

Logan appears to have the same modified hands that Tenney has and thus he will also be able to hold a guitar--though not sure if the teal with roses guitar is his style.

Logan stands next to his drum kit--a snare and base drum was visible.

His meet outfit his the Play Loud tee, plaid shirt, black jeans and grey sneakers. He probably also comes with the grey boy briefs that were found earlier.

Logan's box style is similar to Gabriela's and Tenney's new box style.

No official word on release date for Logan, but February 16th continues to be the most repeated rumor.


AG is considering creating Tenney's best friend, Jaya Mitra. This is a very unsubstantiated rumor at this time.


  1. Aaaaaah!! I saw a pick, and I am IN LOVE !!!!! OMGOMGOMG! Jaya would be so pretty!