Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Tenney Country Countdown!

Less than 12 hours until Tenney and Logan and Felicity GO LIVE!!

Wednesday 5:02PM CST

Felicity images used by permission of owner

Wednesday 4:51PM CST

Early look at Kit's Mini Golf Dress--it comes in a real box with tissues! Thank you, Joy Coomer!

Wednesday 2:44PM CST

More stock images and scenes keep appearing!

I am curious to find out the price of Tenney's Teal Guitar. I was guessing $48, but then in AG's Live Presentation on Facebook yesterday it seemed the guitar also plays a recorded song and that has me mentally bumping up the price even higher. 

Wednesday 2:40PM CST

Poppets & Posies plans to be at the American Girl Store tomorrow to enjoy the debut, take pictures, and melt her credit cards from overuse.

Keep tuned! Any and all late breaking news will be added to this post.


  1. And the Guitar ended up cheaper than you expected!

    1. Yes! I was so happy for that surprise--how often does American Girl surprise us with a *lower* price point than expected? With the lower price of the guitar and banjo than I was mentally planning I was able to get Tenney's floppy hat today as well.

  2. Kit's releases are just so wrong. By wrong, I mean not in keeping with her story or era. the family almost loses the house and has to take in boarders to make mortgage payments. She is not getting a new outfit all the time even with hand-me-downs from Ruthie. This even has a monogram. The only thing I can think of to reconcile this ever increasing, non-flour sack material wardrobe is that Uncle H died and left all his money to Kit's family. Even then I can't see her mom and dad becoming spendthrifts when others are struggling.

    1. I imagine a great turn of fortunes for Kit's family six months after the finish of her known storyline. But beyond that, all my dolls are renamed and have minor and sometimes major deviations from their canon stories. I totally get for a purist or someone who likes to stay close to the story canon that many new BeForever offerings are a bit of a head scratcher or even downright disappointment. I enjoy the whimsy.

    2. Ooo, I like the idea of perhaps and "underland" or "Wonderland" for the BeForevers. That would take care of the purist in me. :-) I still have a hard time renaming the dolls. Perhaps a rescued one without any collection items or wardrobe would ease that part of me too.