Monday, February 13, 2017

Nanea and Z!

Gabriela, Z Yang, Felicity, Nanea, Tenney and Logan

Nanea Mitchell, BeForever (1941 Hawaii)

Does Nanea have a new face mold?

I am sure there were will much enthusiasm over the new face mold as well as complaints. But at least the complaints are about slight issues of preference or the odd sensation of trying to get used to a new design rather than the shocking changes of late which have been about cost cutting measures or changes which are geared toward AG's expansion plans into retail stores and overseas.

In defense of Nanea's face mold for any early nay-sayers would be to assert that her face mold looks both new as well as related to the spectrum of AG face molds. It is neither too timid nor too bold a change in the big picture of AG face molds. Whether one "likes" the face or expression is a preference thing, not a failure of design, effort, or execution--which is a huge relief all considered.

I will give AG a win so far on Nanea. If she comes with a quality torso (underwear that is not attached) and good vinyl quality, I will seriously take a look at this poppet. Here's to hoping!


  1. I hear what you are saying, but to me, the new face mold looks so like other brand dolls that it is not identifiable as American Girl. Of course I love the hair and the skin tone and the story, and it will be great if she really isn't a perma pant candidate and doesn't have squishy vinyl. But for all that, I won't be getting her because I don't want dolls that look like they are from other brands. I would say slippery slope, but that ship has sailed already...

  2. P.S. Marie-Grace has a different face mold, but I never felt she wasn't part of the old AG brand. Nanea is lovely, but she could very easily be from several other doll brands.

    1. I don't entirely disagree with you! Someone else mentioned a "WellieWisher" look to the Nanea mold and once you see that link you can't unsee it. I wonder if the artist who worked on the WellieWisher molds also worked on the Nanea mold. Or if American Girl designers are following some other trend toward dolls with slightly larger eyes and is starting to shift new molds in their line up in that direction. I think I would need to see one more new mold from AG before I would decide that "big eyes" and "heart shaped faces" is their new direction. Thanks for the great observations!

  3. Honestly, I think she is lovely. I have no issues with the face mold. Love Marie-Grace too. I don't automatically see Wellie Wisher in her, but I would would need a side by side to make judgement there.