Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tenney & Me Matching Outfits?

This may just be a photoshoot advert of no consequence, but it looks like a matching Tenney Meet Outfit for Girls. Sweet!


  1. I am melting over this prettiness. That is not good, I want avoid Tenny and Logan till I complete Gabriela McBride Collection. I don't like Gabriela McBride's Meet, so for the 1st time ever, I did not buy the matching set for My Daughter. We took it off Gabriela right away. I don't even like Tenny's meet frim the photos I seen so far, but this post took me from not liking it to Loving it, becasue it looks outstanding on the Girl. Great Job American Girl Brand Doll Company on Tenny's Collection, you did not treat Gabriela to this level. I am a African-American, 100 percent American Girl Brand Doll Mom, so I am hurt!!!!!!! I really never dress my Daughter like you dress Gabriela McBride not even the PJ'S. So this will be tough to endure in all ways anyone can image. America and American Girl Brand Doll Company needs to do better. Tried of feeling sad. Tired of feel like you don't love Us the same. God created Us All. Fix this American Girl

    1. Such a shame that such a cute doll with a terrific story got short changed on outfits and accessories. Doubly so because of how meaningful Gabriela's debut is for so many families and little girls of color. A few more items are in the works for Gabriela (Creative Studio/Loft Bed and a Fushia & Lime Celebration Outfit) but I agree that especially her wardrobe just does not feel complete.