Friday, January 10, 2014

Isabelle: A Hair Raising Experience! (Pink Highlights)

Friday fun! I finally had a chance to try Isabelle's pink highlight extensions. I used my new AG Salon Chair that I received from my sister for Christmas this year. I have an awesome sister!

After I placed Isabelle in the salon chair and used the velcro strap to secure her in place I used a few hair clips to pile the majority of her hair on top of her head.

I needed to find the three fabric tabs in the wig. After her hair was clipped up it only took a minute or two to locate the tabs. The right tab was just above the corresponding ear (and same placement for the left tab).

The fabric tab in the middle back of he wig was a bit harder to find as it was tucked under a fringe of clipped hair.

Slipping the actual pink highlights hair piece in her hair onto the fabric hooks only took about 15 seconds total!

Isabelle is being so patient!

From the back, one can barely see the pink highlights.


Overall, the pink highlights were easier to install than I had anticipated. I had been somewhat anxious about the whole procedure. So far, the extension has stayed in place just fine, but I do not play vigorously with my dolls. It was also easy to comb and arrange her hair, though I have not taken her hair out of her "Meet" style yet.

I thought I would be able to see more of the pink highlights, and the fact that they are so subtle underneath her mane of blonde hair is a bit of a surprise--all the buzz about the highlights, yet the impact of the pink highlights on her appearance (so far) is minimal. However, what I like is what the highlights imply in terms of Isabelle's creativity and youthfulness more so than their (limited) visual impact.

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