Monday, January 6, 2014

Isabelle's Closet: AG T"AG" Game!

There are a lot of "Isabelle" tags sewn onto this year's GOTY doll clothing and soft accessories. A lot. Almost every outfit has at least one, if not two, "Isabelle" tags sewn onto it. So far I count 16 fabric tags. And that does not even count Isabelle's name embroidered in silver thread on the front of her Meet jacket.

Like some people, I was at first concerned by all of the tags. Would it be odd to dress a non-Isabelle doll in a jacket or wrap with a large "Isabelle" tag sewn onto a sleeve?

I decided to treat the brand of "Isabelle" exactly as that - a brand. A sweet, well-designed line of dance and active wear clothing for 18" dolls. And my non-Isabelle AG dolls (and I) are quite happy with this approach!

So, have you found all 16 fabric "Isabelle" tags on the outfits and accessories released so far? Have I missed any? Let me know!

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