Thursday, January 2, 2014

Isabelle Meet Outfit and Accessories Review - Part I

Readers, I brought Isabelle home.

When I went to the American Girl store premiere on New Year's Day, I did not intend to bring Isabelle home. The possibility was not ruled out beforehand, but my plan was to only buy her mix and match pieces to add to my wardrobe collection and not add another doll. However, the more I saw of Isabelle in the store, the more I concluded that she'd be a special addition to our home.

I am very pleased to be able to review the Isabelle doll in detail for Poppets & Posies.

There is something special about that moment when the doll is still waiting in the box, secured and tidy, her hair perfectly coifed under the hairnet. I waited 24 hours before removing her from the box simply because I prefer to wait for that perfect quiet moment to take her out and appreciate her.

Her face is lovely. I am a real fan of the classic face mold from after Pleasant Company was sold to Mattel. I believe her eyes are definitely a serene and sombre green and not merely hazel as described.

Her Meet coral tee has many delightful details, from sequins to glittery paint to an added layer of mesh/tulle on the little skirt of the ballerina!

Her golden dance shoes are even more glittery and well constructed than I thought they would be from pictures on the internet. While I am not a fan of the style, I have no complaints about the execution of the vision. The metallic denim pants with knit cuffs seems different and fresh and the sheen of the metallic fabric is really in keeping with the whole aesthetic of the meet outfit.

Last moments before unboxing her and removing the hairnet. This is the most pristine her hair will ever be. With American Girl dolls, I consider the moment of removing the hairnet as the moment the doll becomes truly mine.


I thought maybe her blonde hair would be a bit drab considering it isn't the extreme white blonde of a Caroline or even the light blonde of a MyAG 22 or 27. But her honey golden hair has a lovely glow--understated much in the same way her eyes are a lovely but gentle green.

The light from the window was still good enough to try on her jacket from Isabelle's Accessories and get  few pictures.

A closeup of the Isabelle tag, of which there are many in this collection. More on the tags next week. 

The light has gone, so I must conclude Part I of my review of Isabelle and her accessories. 

Next week:  Isabelle's Accessories (jacket, purse, enameled hairpin and arm warmers) and her pink-tipped hair highlights.

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