Monday, January 6, 2014

Isabelle Meet Review - Part II (Accessories & Pink Hair Extensions)

I have been so enjoying Isabelle. She is such a sweet girl! As promised, here are the rest of the pictures for Isabelle's Meet Outfit and the doll herself.

Here is another look at the Meet pants and shoes. I love the detail stitching on the pant front to mimic real jeans. The shoes can be very hard to slip on (especially over tights during a wardrobe mash-up), but I found I could use a long thin plastic handle as a make-shift shoe horn! I can create a video of my technique if there is interest.

The jacket is a soft cotton, easy to get on and off of Isabelle. Originally I was put off by the "Isabelle" stitching on the front of the jacket, as I like to be able to have other dolls be able to wear GOTY clothing, but I have come to peace with it and perhaps even like it now. More on the "Isabelle" tags in a future post!

I love her silky hair. The color really suites her and her wardrobe color palette.

I have not ventured to place her pink hair extensions into her wig. Above are the side and back view of her wig and closeups of the pink hair piece itself (front and back).

The directions seem pretty straight forward. I will try this out next weekend and let you know!

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