Friday, December 2, 2016

2017 Felicitations!

American Girl's 2017 new offerings are beginning to shape up!

These undergarments are surely for Felicity, as well as the Blue Colonial Dress featured last month.

This roll sits atop of the hips and will give the skirt of Felicity's dress its distinctive shape.

But it is not just these garments that have Poppets & Posies convinced Felicity returning in 2017. 

A Journey Book for Felicity! This all but guarantees her return. Similar to Samantha's return, Felicity will undergo a BeForever revamps which will include condensing her original 6 book series into Volumes I and II and then a new "Journey" book added for Volume III.

February 16, 2017 publication date! Any chance Felicity will return in February, or will it be a six month delay between books and doll as it was for Melody's staggered release?

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  1. Felicity is supposed to release on February 9. She will probably only stay for a short time (like Samantha is retiring again) because she is only available at 3 o4 stores I think and online.