Monday, December 12, 2016

Spring Things! Groovy Pears Dress

Updated! The material in the unreleased dress is from the Bitty Baby Fruity Fun Outfit. Thank you Cdaizybug for your sharp eye!

What on earth? Lets not get weird, okay?

Will this dress be another "Flash PWP" outfit like the recent American Girl PWP outfits that showed up last week made out of retired GOTY Grace Thomas' apron, shorts, and other materials?

This could be a one-of-a-kind franken-poppet dress or it could show up as a PWP this spring.

If this TM dress does show up as a PWP, grab it quick, this is a weird one and oddly enough might not last long.

Love the colors and flounce of tulle under the skirt of this TM dress. But this has got to be the weirdest pattern I've seen AG produce. Pears and flowers in a groovy 60s color palette and pattern. The pears have flowers on their bellies and the steams and leaves looking like antennae--as a whole it looks like a swarm of groovy lady bugs.

Groovy. Weird. Eye squinching colors and pattern. Could be fun. 

Original Bitty Baby Fruity Fun Outfit:


  1. Absolutely adore it!
    A must have for the collection!

  2. Do you have a pic of the PWP with Grace Thomas apron fabric?? I tried looking online but came up short. Thanks!