Friday, December 9, 2016

TM Spring Flowers Monet Dress

A lovely and new look for this spring?

This dress may be part of the spring Truly Me line up, noting the clear oval vanity tag on the lower hem. 

The impressionistic flower design seems high concept compared to many TM designs and in that respect it is quite visually interesting. Additionally, some have complained AG overuses pinks and purples and should explore other hues, especially green, so this may be welcomed by some fans. 

My one complaint is that it appears this dress is made of the plasticy "parachute" materials which is my least favorite material as it often wrinkly and one irons at their own risk since it melts even at low temperatures!

A matching headband and green sandals complete the outfit.

Somewhat dull sandals--I would have loved a more fabric-strapped sandal to further the light and spring feel. However, these green sandals will finish the outfit well if a bit pedestrianly.

Overall, I am enjoying the surprising design aesthetic of this dress and am eager to see it modeled on some poppets.

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