Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 GOTY Gabriela - "Live" Count Down

Sunday, January 1
12:12 AM CST

Happy New Year! 2017!!!

I am enjoying looking at the images on the American Girl website and planning my purchases. The time has come to close down the "live" updates post but Poppets & Posies will continue in the new year to welcome Gabriela and to welcome all the other new anticipated poppets on the near horizon! 

Poppets & Posies hopes to do in-store reports and other AG reviews in the coming weeks. More analysis of the design elements of Gabriela's collection are in the works. And of course, the Barbie-Box-Gate controversy is just warming up.

Thank you to everyone who came by to enjoy the "live" updates. 1000+ page views for this one blog entry alone!!!

One final image for the road--Gabriela's Exclusive Earrings. Love!

Saturday, December 31
11:08 PM CST

Gabriela is up on American Girl Website! Welcome Gabriela!!!

Saturday, December 31
11:05 PM CST

This is it! Happy New Year to the East Coast. Soon, likely midnight CST, the AG website will begin updating links and images for Gabriela and taking down the links and images for Isabelle.

Will it be a smooth roll-out for the IT department this year? Anyone else spending New Year's Eve keeping an eye on AG's website launch of 2017 GOTY Gabriela?

Saturday, December 31
1:33 AM CST

Hearts for Gabi!

It took some time for a graphical theme to emerge for Gabriela, and admittedly it is not the most original, but the colorful nested hearts motif is definitely all Gabi!

The nested hearts theme is in her Rehearsal Outfit mesh tee, her Showtime Kit carry case, and from her Creative Studio, her yellow towel and of course prominently painted on the back side of her large cardboard backdrop.

Will we find more nested hearts in her collection?

Friday, December 30
5:05 PM CST

A closer look at Gabriela's Creative Studio.

This set should prove to be a hit for three big reasons. The dance barre is a terrific interactive item and many customers may not have Isabelle's retired barre, the two-sided backdrop is just right, and the price of $58 is a bit dear but less than other similar sets.

I am not a fan of the faux-mirror effect on the backdrop, but for the price, it is completely understandable. While Isabelle's Studio (sewing armoire with mirror and barre) featured real mirrors it was also three times the cost.

I wish AG would start making more backdrops and make them all double sided for maximum play value.

The triangle stand is cute but nothing too exciting. I am not sure why the sign was branded with "American Girl" since it takes the piece out of Gabriela's own narrative world.

Friday, December 30
4:35 PM CST

Thanks to sleuth work by American Girl Doll News, the stock image URLs have been located. First up!

Showtime Kit

This Showtime Kit, late on our radar, is perhaps my favorite accessory. Every piece is unique and spot on for Gabriela. And doll nail polish? Grabby hands!

Friday, December 30
1:12 PM CST

Catalog images courtesy of Kira Roy. Thank you!!!

Friday, December 30
12:48 PM CST

Check your mailboxes, a Gabriela mini catalog has arrived!

Gabriela's catalog says she will be available "throughout 2017 and beyond."

Price List for Gabriela's World

Gabriela Doll and Book $115
Gabriela's Accessories $28
Gabriela's Earrings $16
Gabriela's Creative Studio Set $58
Gabriela's Rehearsal  Outfit $28
Gabriela's Tap Shoes $16
Gabriela's Showtime Kit $34
Gabriela's PJs $24
Gabriela's Sparkling Sequins Outfit $32
Gabriela's Performance Case $48
Gabriela's Cat $22

Outfits for Girls

Gabriela's PJs for Girls $40
Gabriela's Slippers for Girls $22
Gabriela's Sweater for Girls (layered with tank) $42
Indigo Leggings for Girls $24

Friday, December 30
10:02 AM CST

A first! AG reveals a full unboxing video!

A few quick thoughts:

* Love the early peek. And let down by such a big early peek. Suspense is gone.

* Strange they have Gabriela unsecured in her box for the unboxing. A bit too much magical voila ease and not enough reality in the unboxing.

* The box is not as awful as suspected, it looks like the box can be preserved after opening. But that is still some of the flimsiest outside cardboard imaginable.

Friday, December 30
1:31 AM CST

A new close up view of Gabriela's Duffle with accessories. Thank you, Hello Savings!

Thursday, December 29
9:53 PM CST

Let's talk Gabriela's Exclusive Earrings and rumored Hair Piece.

The addition of exclusive earrings and a hair piece would be very welcome as it would be a departure from Gabriela being a complete Marisol rehash and instead be more in line with recent GOTY offerings. Isabelle came with an ombre hair piece and several recent GOTY poppets have come with exclusive earrings including Lea, Grace, Isabelle and Saige.

On the downside, instead of the hairpiece being included in the price of the doll, rumor is Gabriela's hair piece will be separate and priced at $15. As a slight consolation, it is also rumored Gabriela (doll + book) will be priced a smidgen lower than previous years at $115. Advantage goes to AG, but overall if a hair piece offered, most customers will be happy to at least have the option.

Thanks to American Girl Doll News and now some picture confirmation, we now believe that Gabriela's Exclusive Earrings Set will come with three earrings in the shape of a musical note, a song bird, and a blue flower. Pictured with Gabriela here is her musical eight-note earrings.

Thursday, December 29
8:45PM CST

So many new glimpses of Gabriela and just two more eves until her official debut! New images of her Creative Studio, Rehearsal Outfit, Performance Case and a first glimpse of her Showtime Kit with hair and makeup accessories!

Will this be the extent of Gabriela's Creative Studio?

I was holding out hope for the rumored Creative Studio to be something rather big like an actual room box, but a news agency released this photo and within its file name is "Creative Studio."

The Creative Studio, should that name hold, features a Dance Barre and Backdrop. The barre is a respectable if unexciting rehash of Isabelle's own barre, and I think it is appropriate for Gabriela's story. Personally, I am 99% certain I am satisfied with my Isabelle barre. However, there may be many customers who never picked up Isabelle's barre and would be open to adding this accessory. I wonder how the price points will compare.

The above photo gives a better view of the back of Gabriela's Rehearsal Outfit and it seems her black leotard may have an interest back cutout.

A stock photo of Gabriela's Rehearsal Outfit has also surfaced and I have to say I do like it better in the AG stock image. Still not my favorite outfit but perhaps not as garish as first perceived. (I am still appalled by the packaging, though.)

Lovely new images of Gabriela in action with her Performance Case items.

The Performance Case includes the rolling black case, her laptop, microphone, headphones, electronic drums and  drum sticks which can be held by the poppet by virtue of a little curved strap that fits over her fingers.

Showtime Kit

There is also a glimpse of some more possible hair and make up accessories! Her pale blue with gold handle Showtime Kit seems to include a woven silver head band, a compact mirror and a pale blue handled makeup brush. According to American Girl Doll News it may also come with metallic nail polish!


  1. Everything is just too adorable. I think I'm liking Gabriela's collecting more than Lea's already.

  2. I am in love with everything. I purchased every single part of Isabella and I will with Gabby. I love her Ballet School Bar. Do glad they did a board instead of a big expensive Furniture Piece. I hope there is a bundle deal that on the 1st Day that last a month.Thanks for sharing. God Bless You.

    1. If I did not already have Isabelle's Dance Barre the revamped barre and backdrop in Gabriela's Creative Studio would definitely have been a purchase. I wish the backdrop was available separately but that is the breaks with bundled items. Personally I am not tired of the dance theme and could enjoy new dance items every year (which we often see in the TM line as well). I am in love with those silver tap shoes and might have to buy two sets so I can leave the first pair as is and custom switch out one set of bows.

  3. I think the doll herself is absolutely gorgeous, but the collection, clothes and theme do nothing for me. I can see young girls really enjoying this, though. I hope people do love her and buy her as I am just so happy there is finally a doll or color at that is included in the GOTY line. I agree with all of your points, especially about the disappointing packaging and un-boxing. Why do they bother doing it like that?? You're right..suspense is totally gone! Thanks for organizing and breaking it all down so well!

    1. Thank you, Farrah Lily! I am so glad you enjoy the site and even more happy to hear your input! Happy New Year!

  4. I feel like they really let this one slide. It seems all their creative energy is going towards the second doll coming out next month and that is the priority. That's the doll with all the features you would expect to see in a GOTY doll. Gabby's collection seems cheaply made and uninspired, especially compared to all the beautiful and intricate clothing and things that this Tennyson doll is supposedly getting. Kinda like they ran out of time so just took Isabelle and Marisol characters and accessories, mashed them together and threw them onto the truly me #42 and called it the GOTY. I've very disappointed.

  5. I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike other blogs I have read which are really not that good.Thanks alot!