Thursday, December 1, 2016

GOTY 2017: Who is Gabby?

Speculation is that GOTY 2017 will be Gabriela McBride, an African American poppet who is styled after the recently retired Truly Me 46. Her rumored bio is that she is a tap dancer and owns a cat.

Very little else is known, but the silhouette above seems to confirm all those curls from the TM 46, perhaps styled up in a ponytail.

Her meet outfit seems to be a shirt with 2/3 sleeves, leggings, and ankle boots.

31 Days and Counting!


  1. Looks amazing! Also reminds me that I need to get the rest of Lea's stuff before everything is gone! I am so so so happy they are finally making a GOTY doll of color. :)

  2. Her shoes could also be sneakers I think.

  3. Not excited about this one. Haven't we done enough dancers? And then a lot of water stuff before that with Lea .We already had Kailey, and Jess, and Kanani and even Chrissa was a swimmer. Yeah definitely won't be buying this one. I bought Lea because she commemorated a major event in my life. I just don't see anything being too special with this doll. I just can picture a rehash of Marisol and Isabelle for the collection with a doll that is basically TM 46.

    1. I hear your frustration! What I have to keep reminding myself of is that the youngest customers never really got a chance to see or play with Kailey, Jess, Chrissa or Kanani--so it is all brand new to them. Plus, there are probably only 8 themes that sell big enough so AG needs to keep rotating those hits into the mix. Lessee...... Music, Dance, Art, Horses, Baking, Crafting/Sewing, Nature/Animals, & Sports (primarily swimming, skating, skiing and gymnastics).

  4. I think a little party planner would sell well and it would make a good story line, raises money to help bring joy to foster kids or something. You could put all aspects kids like in there. She could help out with petting zoo and riding horses, she could help with the catering (baking), and decor (crafting). Since parties have different things, she could have every costume imagineable...