Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Poppet Peeks: Gabriela's Performance Case

Another peek into GOTY 2017 Gabriela McBride's world! 

The rumors said a performance case, the one-to-one mirroring of GOTY Marisol's collection forecast this case, but now we see an image of it. Thank you to Hello Savings for giving us permission to share her photo!

What to love:

A laptop! I love it and it has been ages since one has been made.

An electronic drum kit. Pretty cool and also about time. Will it actually work??

Old timey retro microphone. It is cool.

What to question:

I wonder how expensively this will be marked up.

Depending on price point, there is not much to this accessory overall in terms of goodies.

This is about as unimaginative of a performance case as one can manage--the trunk itself is a rehash of Marisol's performance case. 


The added wheels of the trunk is a nice upgrade, but the idea of the case is still a bit flat. I just want the laptop and maybe the electronic drums if it works...

I hope I do not "need" this accessory! Lol.

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