Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Grand Ol' Tenney Grant Line Up

Plaids, ruffles and lace!

Thank you to Cdaizybug for sharing the photo of her poppets modeling possible Tenney (and Logan!) outfits. It is so wonderful to see the outfits on real models.

I have to say of the line up, I am liking the white lace top and peach tulle skirt ensemble the most. 

Will Tenney's meet outfit be one of the ensembles from above or perhaps her "Sing Your Story" orange tee? I am leaning towards her orange tee at the moment.

While I like the white lace top and peach tulle skirt ensemble probably the best at this time and would love for it to be her meet outfit, I don't see it happening, especailly if it is paired up with the sparkle boots. It seems more like a "Special Occasions" type outfit.


  1. i'm not at all fond of that orange outfit.

    I love the lace top nad peach skirt but what if they pair the lace top and lace shorts? They seem to go together.

    1. The lace top and shorts do not go together. The top is more of a cropped look when paired with the shorts and the shorts have a low rise. Also the whites are different.