Sunday, December 4, 2016

American Boy! The Case for Logan Everett

It's a boy!

It's happening!

The case is growing loud and actual for AG to release its first 18" boy doll named Logan Everett.

The speculation on the many social media platforms is that Logan Everett will be American Girl's first 18" boy doll to be released as part of the new modern Contemporary Series on February 9, 2017 along with Tenney Grant.

Logan is a friend of Tenney and both play in the same music (country music?) band together. Logan is a drummer while Tenney is a singer-songwriter whose primary instruments are guitar and banjo.

Both Logan and Tenney will have a new hand mold that allows them to hold their instruments. There are mixed rumors over whether this also means jointed hands or wrists.

Logan will have a drum set as an accessory. Tenney a guitar and banjo. (Squeeeee!)

While Tenney is blonde, Logan will have brown hair.

Looking for more clues to confirm Logan's arrival...

I originally thought this plaid shirt would be for Tenney and dismissed the anomaly of the shirt buttoning left-over-right which is traditionally shirts for men and boys fasten. I assumed it was a prototype mistake. But what if this is a shirt for Logan? An actual "boy" shirt?

Well, my next objection would be the vanity tag of "American Girl" on the lower hem. However, this photo could still be of a prototype and a tag of "American Boy" could be substituted (see Trademarks above) or AG could still just stick with "American Girl" and let Logan cope.

I also thought the Play Loud! Tee was for Tenney, but look at that fully kitted out drum set! Perhaps a band tee for Logan?

Wow! I can't wait for more details!

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