Sunday, December 28, 2014

AGPSF Flash: Searching for Isabelle

I had a few exchanges to do this year before Isabelle stock disappeared completely and headed up to AGPSF this afternoon. The store was doing brisk business, both in sales and returns/exchanges. My main objective was to exchange my recently purchased Metallic Dress since it had a long run in the lavender tights straight out of the box.

As I suspected, there were no more Isabelle dolls on the shelves anywhere. But surprisingly, there was a reasonable number of outfits available, and for the savvy shopper--all on sale.

On the left side of the back wall display was plenty of the Metallic Dress, so the exchange went smoothly. 

And on the right side of the back wall was plenty of the Sparkle Dress.

But no Isabelle dolls! Normally, the bottom shelf was full.

And no Isabelle dolls under the dvd display.

And around the corner where Isabelle's Studio used to be displayed, there are no Isabelle dolls on the top shelf anymore.

However, quite a few of Isabelle's items were still on the shelves, including

Isabelle's Accessories
Purple Leotard
Scrunch Pants
Funky Leggings
Performance Outfit
Metallic Dress
Sparkle Dress
Makeup Box

The girl sized clothing and accessories were down to just a few handfuls in random sizes--and I saw quite a few moms with the girl sized clothing in their hands waiting to check out. 

There were also only a handful of the girl sized Jewelry Box left, perhaps less than ten. The dwindling supply of all the Isabelle goods is just a reminder of the excitement just around the corner.

I plan to be in line at 10am on January 1st! Will you be going to your local American Girl Store on the 1st?


  1. Are the girl sized clothing items on sale too? I was hoping to be able to get the sparkle skirt.

  2. The girl sized clothing was also on sale, for example Isabelle's Jacket was marked down from $44 to just $30. However, there was barely any girl sized clothing left in the store. I saw perhaps a dozen of Isabelle's Pants and a few of Isabelle's Jacket. I know there were some Sparkle Skirts left only because I saw some moms walking around with them in their hands (getting ready to check out), but those skirts might have been the last remaining as I cannot recall seeing them on the store displays.