Monday, December 8, 2014

Waiting for Grace: A First Look!

This has been the moment I have been waiting for--out first photograph hint of Grace Thomas! Her mini doll version was spotted for sale on

She has long dark brown hair with side bangs and what appears to be blue eyes. She has freckles and her face mold is most likely to be the Josefina mold, but that is hard to confirm from the mini doll's face.

Her meet outfit seems to consist of a flared raspberry skirt with a dark blue bow, the cutest ankle boots with side tassels, and a white tshirt with an Eiffel tower decal. While the mini doll appears to have her hair pulled back into a pony tail, the small book cover shows her with long hair. The book cover also shows her wearing a beret with a heart detail--I bet we see this item in her accessories.

It seems from the book's cover that indeed, as a I predicted, Grace will have a black and white French bulldog. And that red chair set sure seems to be seated outside of a bistro or bakery!

Her Meet Outfit does not have any hint of the 2015 color of the year, the earthy wine tone Marsala. However, pale Aquamarine is hinted at in her tshirt decal and Classic Blue seems to be an anchor for her outfit as seen in her boots and the bow on her skirt. I predict that the blue hues will be featured in the rest of her wardrobe. Not to mention that Grace's blue eyes really sparkle. But what about that bright raspberry skirt?

Could her raspberry skirt be a throwback to the 2014 color of the year Radiant Orchid? It sure seems close, but the other blue hues of the 2014, Dazzling Blue and Placid Blue, lack the punch of the updated 2015 blues.

More than likely the raspberry skirt color was selected as a complementary knockout color to contrast again the blues in the new 2015 color fashion report line up. While the prominence of the raspberry does not bode well for Marsala showing up in her wardrobe, that is not entirely unexpected considering this line of clothing is for kids and their dolls.

I still need to wait and see the full sized 18" version of Grace Thomas before making any real judgements on what I think of her, but so far, I am pleasantly pleased by her design. While being distinctive looking, her overall design (both doll features and wardrobe) does not appear to radically break away from previous GOTY dolls. 

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