Sunday, December 21, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Vintage Velvet

Today's poppet model is Freyja, also known as the gorgeous GOTY 2011 Kanani. She has selected a vintage gown to wear this holiday season and is modeling Starry Night from 2002.

The long black velvet dress features beautiful cranberry and silver embroidery.  

The black shoes have straps that crisscross around the ankle and fasten with snaps behind the leg. The black stockings go to the knees and have a waffle like weave.

The satin bow on the back of the dress is not seen when worn by poppets with long hair (unless styled up or away), but it is a spectacular detail. I particularly enjoy the effect of the contrasting textures of the satin bow against the velvet. It should be noted that the back of the dress does not use velcro--the back of the dress is secured by metal snaps.

The Starry Night Accessories could be purchased separately and it included a satin silver purse with decorative sequins and beads. Freya is dangling the small purse by her wrist for best viewing, but we all here agree that wearing a purse by the wrist is a bit too prim. So instead, Freyja demonstrates in the following picture how easily the silver chain can be tucked inside of the purse and then be carried like a small clutch under the arm. Far more elegant!

The accessories also came with two matching hair combs with sequin rosettes and a small gift (a silver box with a snow globe inside).

And a few final poses (that glorious hair!).

Starry Night is probably one of the most elegant gowns ever made by American Girl. The long silhouette of the black velvet gown is simple, yet refined and the embroidery is exquisite. I half expect this gown to be selected every year by one of my girls as I haven't seen a poppet who did not look lovely in it. Because the gown is more mature, I enjoy it more on my dolls who have older personalities. Perhaps I should also mention that this is another holiday dress of which I have two copies!

Freyja sends warm holiday greeting and much love to her soon-to-be-revealed sister poppet, GOTY 2015. <3

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