Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Isabelle's Last Dance

The Isabelle doll, GOTY 2014, is now back ordered on AG's website until January 9th! 

Families hoping to have Isabelle home by the holidays will now need to venture to a local America Girl Place store to find an Isabelle before the new year. In fact, many of Isabelle's items are now marked "SOLD OUT" online.

As of December 16th, the following are no longer sold online

Isabelle's Metallic Dress
Isabelle's Sparkle Outfit
Isabelle's Funky Leggings
Isabelle's Scrunch Pants
Isabelle's Wrap Sweater
Isabelle's Dance Barre
Isabelle's Studio

And the following are back ordered online

Isabelle (until January 9th)
Isabelle's Pajamas (until December 30th)
Isabelle's Purple Leotard (until December 30th)

I ventured to AGPSF this morning to see how Isabelle and her collection was doing and to hopefully purchase from the brick-and-mortar store a few last items from her collection. The store was doing brisk business and about every 6th customer in line was purchasing an Isabelle doll. 

While online the availability of Isabelle and her collection is quickly dwindling, for the moment AGPSF is still well stocked!

This above panoramic view of the back corner display of Isabelle items gives at least an idea of how there is (for the moment) plenty of Isabelle's World remaining. (Note there is an entire front section of the store near the windows also dedicated to Isabelle displays and items.) Looking more closely from left to right...

Isabelle's Pajamas are in stock.

In the corner are plenty of Isabelle's Coral Sweater, Purple Leotard, and Funky Leggings.

This darling display with Isabelle's Studio also houses Isabelle the doll available in the shelves 3-deep and underneath plenty of Isabelle's Metallic Dress and boxes of her pet cat, Tutu.

And stacked in piles above are Isabelle's Wrap Sweater, Rosette Leotard, Legwarmers, and Sparkly Skort.

Missing from the shelves at AGPSF is Isabelle's Sparkle Dress--it appears to be sold out both online and in this store. And for those who were on the fence about Isabelle's Studio, as of this writing, it was sold out online and last report there were only two left in the store. 

I predict that Isabelle's World will sell out by January 1st and that there will only be some odds and ends from her Mix & Match collection remaining. But even these will likely be very low stock. 

To round out my visit I ventured upstairs to catch a report on the MyAG stock. The Happy Holiday Dress (the blue sequined dress) was nowhere to be found and alas, the Sparkly Black Flats which have been paired with the recent PWP are still out of stock.

I feel obsessed about these shoes--they seem perfect for mixing and matching and I need at least two pairs.

I am crossing my fingers that they are truly "temporarily" out of stock. Stay tuned!

So my report is if you still want anything from Isabelle's World that the decision to purchase and/or to visit a store needs to happen asap. I have a feeling the shelves may look bare by this coming weekend!

All this last minute fretting over the last few items I still had on my wish list from Isabelle's World just reminds me how much I particularly enjoyed adding Isabelle Palmer (x2) to my collection.

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