Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Counting the Hours!

It is the very last day--indeed we are now counting the hours--of GOTY 2014 Isabelle's special year. So it seems only fitting that my own Isabelle poppets take a final turn in front the camera before passing the baton (beret?) to GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas.

Astrid and Ingrid have been searching the closet for something to wear for the January 1st visit to AGPSF to meet Grace Thomas in person. They also have they own shopping goals for the day--they have every intention of bringing their very own (mini) Grace home to play with and share between them. 

Weather reports for California say cool and brisk but with clear and sunny skies! 

Astrid and Ingrid (in front) are wearing the Sequined Star Tee, the very newest tshirt offering in AG "in store" only separates. They have paired the new tshirt with Purple Espadrilles.

The Sequined Star Tee has a unique detail on the tshirt with its flared peplum. Even the peplum itself has a design surprise and is constructed with two overlapping layers with slanted hemlines.

The white bermuda length shorts are an Etsy find. I ordered them this past summer when I realized our closet had very few shorts to pair up with our growing tshirt collection. AG makes very few "basic" jeans or shorts and often adds some overpowering detail to them (such as red embroidered stars on white jeans) so that they cannot be easily paired with other separates. 

The shorts were custom made by GrandmasDollCloset. They are made of a stretch twill with light elastic inside of the waistband. The shorts have four working pockets.

I was offered a choice of embroidered back pocket detailing in various color combinations, but that would have defeated the purpose of having shorts that could be paired with the widest array of tshirts! I chose a straight seam pocket detail in white. 

Note here also the back detail of the Sequined Star Tee's peplum--it is a very flattering and well fitted. One of my pet peeves is ill fitting tshirts that splay open in the back at the bottom hemline.

The Purple Espadrilles are adorable. I had passed them by for months as I could not think of a reason to add them to the closet. However they are a terrific match for the new Sequined Star Tee.

My one word of caution about these espadrilles is that they are quite tricky to get onto a poppet's foot. Luckily, I have a makeshift "shoe horn" I use for slipping the heels of certain shoes onto their feet. There is no possible way I could have managed otherwise! But with my shoe horn method these finally slipped on with relative ease.

The tag! So huge and comical. I was able to get the shoes on without removing it (and then it is hidden) so the tag will stay for now.

The Shimmer & Shine Purse is another brand new offering from AG, and at least for the moment, only available in store.

The purse is unlined, but this seems appropriate enough for how small it is and its relatively inexpensive price.

The purse has a double layer ruffle detail and three sparkling rhinestones. 

Both Astrid and Ingrid love the purse and think it is a perfect added touch to this outfit combination.

Astrid (right) and Ingrid have loved their special year. Next year should be just as awesome with all new adventures exploring what it means to have "twin" poppets--my first set of twins!

While our "Waiting for Grace" series is drawing to a close, Poppets & Posies plans to continue featuring GOTY dolls, both new and old. GOTY 2015 Grace will also have a special series dedicated to her (details forthcoming). Also expect more AGPSF Flash reports, clothing and accessory reviews, and a new feature focus!

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