Friday, December 26, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Paris & Patisserie Colors

With images publicly accessible (though yet to be linked to AG's store front) we now know the predominant colors of Grace's whole world--her outfits, accessories, and furniture pieces.

For the past several GOTYs the AG design team seems to have lined up the collection with Pantone's Fashion Color Report for that year. The colors seen on the fashion runways were also the colors showing up in the GOTY. But for GOTY 2015 there is a marked break from the fashion colors and American Girl instead chose a bold and unique color palette to brand Grace Thomas and her Paris & Patisserie world.

The infographic below allows comparison of the two color schemes.

There is absolutely no correlation between Pantone's colors and Grace's color palette--AG has gone bold with frothy candy colors paired with even more bold accent colors. In many ways, Grace's color palette reminds me of neapolitan colors but with a kick. 

AG also pairs or groups the colors in Grace's outfits and accessories for maximum impact. Teal and black. Pink and black. Red, teal, and black. 

In other words, there is no mistaking the look of Grace's world--this new color scheme is unique to her.

Are you excited by this dramatic change up in colors and design direction for GOTY 2015?

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