Monday, December 22, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Samantha's Fancy Coat & Jip

In all the excitement about the holidays and Waiting for Grace, we forgot that Posey has a new coat from Samantha's new BeForever collection. We also decided it was the perfect excuse to try out the Winter Fun Scene that we brought home just last week. 

Samantha's Fancy Coat is meant to be worn by a Victorian girl, but the faux-fur on her hat and collar make her look like a movie starlet. I just haven't been able to place a finger on the era (a 1940s retro vibe?), but it feels much more modern than 1904.

The Fancy Coat and hat is trimmed with black velvet and spotted faux-fur. The coat has four black buttons, the top three paired with a button hole and the bottom one on the velvet belt closes with velcro. The buttons are light weight and made with plastic, so while they look perfectly acceptable they are not particularly fancy. 

The coat itself is a medium weight material that feels closer to a coarse linen than wool. It is not soft to the touch and neither is the fur, so the materials were not chosen for a luxe experience even if they do look reasonably upscale from a distance.

The mittens were probably my least favorite part of the set. They are described as "dainty white gloves" on AG's website and they certainly are only appropriate for going to an afternoon tea or a ball--there is nothing wintery about these tiny satiny sacks-for-hands.

Bonus! Posey pointed out that her new puppy, Snickerdoodles, barely got a mention in her last appearance on Poppets & Posies. Her puppy is part of Samantha's BeForever and is the reimagined Jip.

Jip is described in Samantha's books as being mixed-breed, but this new Jip II certainly looks very much like a cocker spaniel. The pup has reasonably soft fur and the body is squeezable and huggable.

The puppy's eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered.

I really like the new puppy. It looks completely different from Samantha's original dog but I think Jip II is a welcomed update. I give Jip II an A+.

Samantha's Fancy Coat is an A for design and a B for materials. Overall I will round up this outfit to an A-

Posey sends her warm regards to Grace and wants her to know that she shouldn't let the winter coat make her worry--it is quite warm here in California and she is certain that Grace will find the weather here to her liking!

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