Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Santa's Helpers

Santa's helpers are busy all over the globe tonight and Lilja and Coconut are lending a hand! 

Lilja is wearing Santa's Helper outfit from 2007, a red velour dress with white faux-fur cuffs, a matching Santa hat, plaid scarf, and finished off with shiny black boots.

The bottom of the flared skirt is embroidered in a gold thread and the waist is trimmed with a black belt and silver-tone buckle. The belt is not removable as it is secured to the back of the dress and also tacked in front at the buckle. The belt, interestingly enough, is actually made of a black elastic which has held up well so far.

Assisting Lilja is Coconut, who is wearing the Holiday Accessories from 2003. Coconut is sporting his own little Santa hat secured by an elastic band and is pulling a sleigh with a tiny present perched inside. This set also comes with a small magnetic snowman that Coconut can carry in his mouth (not pictured).

The boots for this outfit are outstanding. They have a velvet-like strap and a buckle detail at the calf. They secure in the back with velcro. I have paired these boots with modern outfits (usually short skirts) with great results.

Coconut pulls his little sleigh, the red velvet reigns attaching to him by a red collar with gold trim and decorative jingle bells.

I just love this little fellow, his facial expressions are so winsome.

Lilja's Santa hat is snug but not too snug and the faux-fur is full and plush. The plaid scarf is secured around her neck by feeding one end of the scarf through a buttonhole near the other end of the scarf. 

This Christmas themed outfit is wonderful if a bit more like a costume than a holiday dress a little girl would wear to an event. Like Starry Night, I also prefer this outfit on my dolls with older personalities. But when it comes to joining in to help with Santa's other elves, it is the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Lilja signs off with wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, especially to Grace Thomas, the next GOTY. 

Today was a big day for Grace as AG has uploaded many images of Grace, her clothing, and accessories which are publicaly viewable online though not yet linked to their online storefront. So many images to contemplate! More on Grace's collection itself when I am able.

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