Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Waiting for Grace: Baking Outfits

In Grace Thomas’ third book, Grace Makes it Great, due to be released May 21, 2015, Grace learns that
her grandparents' bakery might close after thirty years and wonders how her own business, which they inspired, can survive if theirs cannot, but she and her friends use their talents and newly-acquired business skills to try to save the day.  (Library of Congress)
So today’s speculation will be on baking outfits!

As I imagine it, the broad options for AG’s design team were

*A traditional French baker uniform, complete with a white double-breasted jacket and a tall white toque (chef’s hat)
*An apron and cooking mitts combination, with or without a toque
*A more modern play outfit, perhaps a bright colored tshirt emblazoned with the name of her new business, La Petite Patisserie, paired with summery shorts and tennis shoes

A traditional French baker uniform would be unique and bring something new to AG’s offerings. I am certain the designers could add a few flairs to the white uniform, such as hints of color in the trim or embroidering Grace’s signature swirl or item (like Lanie’s dragonfly or Saige’s cactus flower) on the jacket.

In support of this option, I have recently seen doll sized chef’s jackets and toques offered on Taobao (non-AG) as well as by other non-AG doll lines. Additionally, with the success of the reality tv cooking show Masterchef Junior, the visual of children in traditional chef uniforms is no longer far-fetched and is arguably on trend.

The second option, an apron and cooking mitts, has been offered before by AG in other configurations. An apron and mitts would be cost effective in terms of sales (simple, therefore inexpensive to manufacture) and if well designed could have a lot of visual impact—though no new ground would be broken.

Lastly, a more casual tshirt and shorts outfit would offer plenty of playability and start a foundation for mix-and-match between outfits, something that seems to have been very effective for GOTY Isabelle’s mix-and-match dancewear items.

Personally, I’d love to see all three! But if I have to pick only one, I have my fingers crossed for a chef’s jacket and toque!

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