Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Mini Grace Review

The Mini Grace doll finally arrived for Ingrid and Astrid! They had hoped to pick her up at AGPSF on January 1st, but best we could figure out, at the moment the Mini Grace doll is being sold through booksellers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even Target.

Mini Grace comes with a replica Meet outfit like her 18" counterpart plus a miniature abridged version of the first Grace book.

While her outfit is very similar to the larger doll version, there are significant differences, the main one being that the tshirt and skirt are one dress unit and not separates. The outfit has a single velcro seam in the back for dressing. Also, the mini version does not come with a charm bracelet.

The tshirt decal is perfect even in the reduced scale.

Mini Grace also comes with a side braid which lays nicely. She has  lots of long, soft, brushable hair.

And she has pink undies as well.

Her boots have a tiny fabric bow detail.

Astrid poses with the new mini Grace doll. The quality of this mini doll seems to be on par with other mini dolls we have seen and examined with the new "BeForever" redesign. Her hair and braid are particularly nice for a mini doll. My girls give Mini Grace an over all grade of A.

They Mini Grace doll is a fun addition to a poppet's playthings or as a stand alone doll in her own right. Annika as well as her sister have plans to move Mini Grace into her very own doll house! We all expect some very fun miniature photoshoots in the future to share here on Poppets & Posies.

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