Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Wonderful! World of Grace: Color Quest

Welcome to our newest feature series on Poppets & Posies: The Wonderful! World of Grace.

In The Wonderful! World of Grace series we will be featuring weekly close up reviews and photo essays of Grace's world--the doll, her clothing, books, and doll accessories.

Our first offering is a new set of Color Quest infographics which look with more detail at the distinct color scheme of Grace's collection.

Above is last week's infographic now with Grace's wardrobe pieces included. As discussed previously, Grace's colors do not quote directly from Pantone's Fashion Color Report (left) and instead offer a bright and bold neapolitan inspired palette.

Even Grace's accessories--including her dog, Bonbon--closely follow Grace's color scheme.

And the French Bakery! And Bistro! And Pastry Cart Accessories! I simply adore what I see with these sets. While the colors quite bright, especially with the large colorful surfaces of the gigantic French Bakery, its design still seems grounded in reality, such as suggestion of gray slate tiles on the rooftop and other distinctly French architectural details.

I plan to be up early and drive up to Palo Alto in time for the store opening, so later in the afternoon look for an AGPSF Flash update and perhaps some first photos of Grace!

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