Sunday, January 11, 2015

WWOG: French Bakery - Part IV (Pastries & More)

So many accessories with the French Bakery! Today we are going to dive into the second and third goodie bags. Our accessory count so far stands at 20...

The second goodie bag is full of primarily baking sheets, pans, and utensils.

A mixing bowl branded with the La Patisserie logo.

Baking sheet. I really like the slight scalloped edges of the pan.

Torte pan.

Cupcakes pan--looks like the real thing, just smaller.

A faux-silver serving stand. This is quite light weight and plastic, but I think it will blend well in a full bakery scene.

The all important whisk and spatula.

Two fancy plates.

Four paper napkins (though I count this as a single accessory). They arrived slightly bent at the upper corner. The material used is similar to paper crepe and replacements could be made rather easily.

A half-dozen eggs. The eggs are not removable.

A single bottle of sparkling water. Really? Couldn't spring for at least a pair? I predict many parched customers for Grace.

One fancy serving tray.

And the final item of the second goodie bag is this super darling rolling pin. The accessory count now is at 34 (20 + 14).

The third goodie bag was filled with all the pastries for the shop. Again, I am unusually tickled by the "DO NOT EAT" stickers.

A slab of dough!

The dough makes a little more sense when paired with the rolling pin.

Raspberry macarons.

Red and silver sprinkles. The caps are glued on, which makes sense as the sprinkles are metallic confetti pieces. (DO NOT EAT! LOL)

Raspberry torte (x2)--this is an identical torte to the single one included in the Pastry Cart.

Chocolate torte (x2), another repeat from the Pastry Cart.

Key lime tart (x2)! Yum. This one does look almost good enough to eat.

Chocolate tart (x2) above and raspberry tart (x2) below are also repeats from the Pastry Cart. And the next few items are also repeats.

Four cupcakes.

More macarons.

Two baguettes.

Two croissants--finally something new again. These look amazing. The croissants complete the third goodie bag. The count for accessories is now at 60 (20 + 14 + 26). All we need is one additional accessory to meet American Girl's claim of "More than 60 Accessories!"

Look at what was hiding in the stove unit behind the bottom doors! A pink domed stand. It is quite alarmingly bright and plastic, but it gets the job done. 61! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The hard work is finally done. Next we get to set up and play with La Patisserie.


  1. Great items in the accessory bags. I agree about the sparkling water. :)

  2. LOL about the sparkling water. I just think that AG misses out the chance to take their customer satisfaction to the next level over a few pennies--a pair of sparkling waters, or as I mention in other reviews, the fraction of a single penny it would cost to add a few extra paper dollars or paper euros to a collection.