Thursday, January 1, 2015

AGPSF Flash: Apron Giveaway and Cupcakes Update!

There and back again!

It was a terrific morning at AGPSF. In this first of two AGPSF Flash reports I will update everyone on the initial crowds at opening, the Apron Giveaway, and an update on the Baking Outfit cupcakes print on the doll's shirt.

We arrived at AGPSF at about 8:45am and went to stand in line immediately which placed us about 30th in line. Up closer than last year--high five!

The weather was a brisk but tolerable 45 degrees and the mood of the small gathering friendly. By the time the store doors opened at 10am I estimate the total line for the store was about 150 people. The sales associates let us in a few people at a time and once inside many shoppers were in "grab and go" experience. The shoppers (many of them young girls) would make a beeline to the Grace doll or certain outfits for the dolls and once they had their stack or bag of goodies, take off right away. It seemed these shoppers were already familiar with what they wanted to purchase.

The giveaway this year for the GOTY 2015 was a cute red and black apron with a polka dotted bow detail which came in a cute envelope, which I thought was a very nice touch.

The apron giveaway also came with some small paper items: a pseudo "passport" booklet, a paper heart lock, a large postcard and doll sized postcard, and a La Patisserie Menu.

The apron has one long divided pocket at the bottom and has a velcro closing at the top of the neck straps.

This was a very cute giveaway, and I am happy to report that unlike last year where I was turned down several times before being given the giveaway Isabelle tshirt at the January 1st opening (for "girls" only I was told), that today we were handed the apron giveaway as we entered the store and without any fuss! Yay, AG. Thank you!

And now to the Baking Outfit, which in early stock pictures featured (upsettingly for many) an upside-down cupcake pattern on the teal colored shirt. Defect or mistake? Well on both the store display doll and my purchased Baking Outfit the cupcake pattern appears right-side up!

Above: store model Grace in Baking Outfit.

Above: The Baking Outfit straight out of the box. Upright cupcakes!

I will be posting later today another AGPSF Flash, and time permitting, a few first photos of the newest edition to our poppet household:  Grace Thomas!

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